Rose of Sharon(Mugunghwa) Planting Movement


“Rose of Sharon” (Mugunghwa) is National flow of Republic of Korea. Established “Aba National Mugunghwa Planting Association” – 1st goal, planting 1 million Sharons movement.

OFTG owners, through the “Planting 1 Million Mugunghwa Trees Campaign”, will provide 30% to 50% discount on admission and usage fees for Mugunghwa theme parks nationwide. Participants who received Mugunghwa for sale will receive 100 shares of Laredo Resources Corp. listed on the Nasdaq OTC market for each Mugunghwa tree. It is received free of charge and can be used in online and offline shopping malls by swapping settlement dividends through the stocks owned or 1:1 by OFTG. When the goal of the 1st “Mugunghwa One Million Planting Campaign” is achieved, the National Federation of Mugunghwa One-Tree Planting Movement.

By listing in the Guinness Book of Records, it aims to develop into a tourism business and expand the scope of profits for OFTG users. Through the expansion and development of “Planting 10 Million Mugunghwa Trees” into the pan-national movement, we will ensure that more than one Mugunghwa per generation is distributed.

To create 1 million Mugunghwa trees, the issuer of OFTG-coin of Laredo Daebung Mining Co., Ltd., and through a business agreement with Gapyeong Arboretum to create Mugunghwa Theme Park, the foundation for the Mugunghwa Theme Park was laid in the suburbs of Seoul. About 50,000 pyeong for use of Park Hyusan Samland, a corporation owned by 503 Shincheon-ri, Bukan-myeon, Yeongcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea. Discussion has been completed for the tree’s Mugunghwa project, and the foundation work for planting is in progress.

To this end, 20,000 members of the U.S. JWCC (Sharing and Serving Foundation) and the UN Children’s Federation for World Peace (UNCFWP) are working with the purpose and cooperation of the movement. A MOU was confirmed and signed together.

Hibiscus Planting Promotion


Laredo Daeboong Mining Co.,Ltd. has deployed the Hibiscus Campaign in Korea, where each member can plant one Hibiscus for $30 or 100 OFTG Coins. There are currently 300,000 members. There are many more events and projects to be announced in the very near future.

Waste Management Plants


Laredo Daeboong Mining Co.,Ltd. has started franchising waste management plants in South Korea, up to 100 distributions are expected to be opened soon.

153ex.com Launched


Laredo Daeboong Mining Co.,Ltd. has just launched 153ex.com, a mega online shopping mall with a wide range of product lines. It is a membership based shopping mall, already with 30,000 existing members.

Scurve Inc Launching Online Mall Soon


Scurve Inc will be launching scurveusa.com soon, delivering fashion-related products as well as electronic goods, in an effort to become direct vendors to the likes of Costco, Burlingtons, etc. Scurve Inc is setting up campaigns promoting OFTG Coins such as giving out free coins with shopping orders exceeding a specific amount.

Laredo Resources Corp CEO acquires 50% of Scurve Inc stock


Park Doo Ho, CEO of Laredo Resources Corp, has acquired 50% (2.5 million) of Scurve Inc stock, in exchange, by giving 55 million of LRDR stocks to Chun Kyu Chan, CEO of Scurve Inc. Scurve Inc plans to give free OFTG Coins to consumers who purchase at Scurve’s online shop, and will contribute to OFTG global marketing through its vast distribution channels.